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Advancing the rights of working families.

Get Help!


Have you had problems at work taking time off when you or a family member were sick or needed medical care?

Do you feel targeted at work because you are pregnant?

Do you take care of a disabled child or relative and need to learn more about your rights at work?



If you work in the Southeastern United States, contact our Southern Office at 615-915-2417


The people we meet through our free legal clinic and hotline inspire us with their courage. Women and men who call us for help are trying to do right by their families, but face obstacles at work that stymie their efforts.

Armanda came to us when she was six months pregnant. She was sent home without pay indefinitely after bringing in a doctor’s note that recommended she refrain from heavy lifting temporarily while working for a trucking company. Thankfully, with A Better Balance's help, she was able to get her job back.


Armanda and her son after a rally for women's equality.


Dena found A Better Balance while she was struggling to arrange a workable schedule with her employer. After 15 years at her job, Dena’s boss eliminated her position, and told her to either accept a position with unpredictable weekend and night hours, or leave. Dena is a single mom, with no one to help look after her young daughter. After many attempts to find a solution, Dena lost her job and was unemployed for over a year. ABB provided her with advice, counsel, and support throughout.


Dena delivers testimony in support of a bill to ban caregiver discrimination in the workplace.


Both Armanda and Dena are now harnessing their stories, and their passion, as agents for change. These women are powerful parent advocates—speaking out about their own experiences, so that others like them will not have to endure the same. We salute them, and thank them for all they are doing to improve the lives of families in their communities.


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