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Sick Leave in San Francisco

In November 2006, the voters of San Francisco passed a ballot initiative requiring employers in the city to provide 9 days of paid sick leave a year to their workers (fewer if the employer is a small business) to recover from their own illness or care for sick family members. The law went into effect in February 2007. For more detailed information regarding the law, see the following resources:

San Francisco's Paid Sick Time Law Has Been a Success

San Francisco’s paid sick time law has worked well. According to testimony by Donna Levitt, Head of San Francisco Office of Labor Standards:

  • "The implementation of our law has been quite smooth and businesses have not reported compliance with the law to be a major problem.  Employees did not use all of the days of paid sick leave that were available and there were very few reports of abuse of paid sick leave."
  • "In fact, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association were both quoted in the press as saying that paid sick leave did not present undue hardships that could not be managed by their members and did represent good public policy."
  • "A study was done of the first year of our ordinance and found that no businesses had either closed or laid off workers specifically citing the cause as the San Francisco paid sick leave ordinance."

Research also underscores the benefits and smooth implementation of San Francisco’s paid sick time law:

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