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Advancing the rights of working families.


On June 4, 2011, Connecticut became the first state in the country to pass legislation ensuring that many workers in the state will be able to take paid time off to recover when they are sick or to care for a sick family member.  This statewide victory is an important first step in building momentum for numerous other paid sick days campaigns around the country.

In a February 2013 op-ed, Margot Dorfman, the CEO of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce, wrote about the success of the Connecticut bill: “The Connecticut Department of Labor reports that employment has only grown since the passage of the paid sick days law in Connecticut in the leisure and hospitality, and education and health services sectors -- the two that were most impacted by the new law. In fact, in these two sectors, the number of employees across the state has grown nearly every month. Over the last year the number of education and health service workers rose by 10,000 and the number of leisure and hospitality workers rose by nearly 1,000.”

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