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Advancing the rights of working families.

Documents & Resources - Valuing Care Work



pdf Read ABB's Letter of Support to Governor Paterson ABB
August 2010

Fact Sheets

pdf Domestic Workers' Right to Paid Sick Days in New York City A Better Balance October 2016
pdf Working Families' Bill of Rights A Better Balance
March 2011
pdf ABB Fact Sheet - Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights A Better Balance November 2010


pdf Beyond the Breadwinner: Professional Dads Speak out on Work and Family A Better Balance June 16, 2011


pdf Testimony on Domestic Worker's Rights (New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Labor) A Better Balance November 21, 2008
pdf Testimony of Dina Bakst - Domestic Workers United Policy Briefing A Better Balance October 29, 2010






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