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news #52Women52Weeks: Phoebe Taubman fights for job protection to those who need time off to take care for their family Randi Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg Media November 2016
news Grocery Store Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination Jason Lamb, News Channel 5 Network November 2016
news Woman files pregnancy discrimination law suit against Kroger Forest Sanders, WSMV Channel 4 Nashville November 2016
news Kroger targetted in pregnanacy discrimination class-action law suit Steve Watkins, Cincinnati Buisness Courier November 2016
news Kroger sued by Nashville woman for pregnancy discrimination in class action suit Jamie McGee, The Tennessean November 2016
news The Justice System Continues to Defend Pregnant Workers' Rights Elissa Strauss, Slate Novmeber 2016
news These innovative states want to protect domestic violence survivors using "paid safe days" Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Quartz November 2016
news NYC Just Took a Big Step Toward Closing the Gender Pay Gap Kate Emswiler, Pop Sugar November 2016
news These Police Officers Fought to Make the Job Pregnancy-Friendly - And Won Zara Husaini Hanawalt, Fit Pregnancy November 2016
news Pregnancy was excruciating for these police officers. Now they've won the right to work in comfort. Bryce Covert, Think Progress October 2016
news Florence police officers win pregnancy discrimination case Brett Milan and Ben Goldschmidt, Cincinnati Enquirer October 2016
news 2 Kentucky Police Officers Win Pregnancy Discrimination Case Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times October 2016
news Chobani's latest deal for workers: Fully paid parental leave Don Cazentre, Syracuse Post-Standard October 2016
news Happy Grandparent's Day- A Call for Paid Family Leave for our Children and Grandchildren Sherry Leiwant, The Huffington Post September 2016
news New York City Passed Paid Sick Leave, and Guess What? It Didn't Kill Any Jobs. Henry Grabar, Slate September 2016
news The Hidden Impact Of Domestic Violence On The Gender Wage Gap Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Fast Company August 2016
news First Tennessee extends paid parental leave as retention measure Jamie McGee, The Tennessean July 2016
news Fairness for pregnant workers has added impact of preventing litigation Dina Bakst & Phoebe Taubman, The Boston Globe July 2016
news Embracing a More Realistic and Inclusive Definition of Family Jared Make & Wendy Chun- Hoon, The Huffington Post July 2016
news Why some Nashville firms are bumping up maternity leave Jamie McGee, The Tennessean July 2016
news Paid sick leave proposal passes City Council committee Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune June 2016
news The Top 5 Things Dads Should Know About Their Rights In The Workplace Dina Bakst, The Huffington Post June 2016
news Crowdfunding Maternity Leave: U.S. Couple Start Campaign In Lieu Of Baby Shower Isabelle Khoo, The Huffington Post Canada May 2016
news Walmart Promised to Stop Punishing Pregnant Workers. So Why Did These Pregnant Workers Get Fired? Bryce Covert, Think Progress May 2016
news New Poll Shows Strong Support for Paid Family Leave Programs Alejandra Cancino, The New York Times May 2016
news Major Airline Accused Of Discriminating Against Breastfeeding Pilots Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post May 2016
news Breastfeeding Pilots' Claim Against Airline Seen as Advance Donna Bryson, ABC News May 2016
news Tennesseans deserve paid family leave Elizabeth Gedmark, The Tennessean May 2016
news How Paid family Leave Could Become A Reality In The US Jeranne Sahadi, CNN Money May 2016
news Paid Leave and a Different Kind of American Exceptionalism Emily Tamkin, New America Weekly April 2016
news New York's Paid Family Leave Law Protects Women's Health Aimie Newman, Our Bodies Our Selves April 2016
news A "damning" disparity Gregg McQueen, Manhattan Times April 2016
news At Work, Fighting for a Broad Definition of Family Preston Van Vliet, Advocate April 2016
news Paid family leave gets major boost in San Francisco, New York state Kelly Wallace, CNN April 2016
news New York Introduces The Best Paid Family Leave Yet Tracy Clark-Flory, Voactive April 2016
news New York's pioneering paid leave polcy: What you need to know Alizah Salario, Metro April 2016
news Paid Maternity Leave is Becoming an OFFICIAL Thing in This East Coast State Alexandria Gomez, Women's Health April 2016
news New York Just Created a Revolutionary New Family-Leave Policy Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine April 2016
news Advocates urge state to pass paid family leave law Kyle Hughes, NYSNYS News March 2016
news Advocates rally for paid family leave, lawmakers divided WRGB staff, WRGB Albany March 2016
news Too many Americans letting vacation days go to waste Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune February 2016
news Leading on Leave in the Empire State Dina Bakst,  U.S. News and World Report February 2016
news The Myth of Equality in the U.S. Workplace JoAnn Kamuf Ward & Hillary Scrivani, Huffington Post February 2016
news Debate churns over paid sick time Sarah McKensie, Southwest Journal January 2016
news New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Emotional Plea For Paid Family Leave Sam Levine, Huffington Post January 2016
news New York Governor Calls For Paid Family leave With Moving Story About Caring For His Late Father Bryce Covert, Think Progress January 2016
news What Does Parental Leave Look Like in NYC's Silicon Alley Annamarya Scaccia, City Limits December 2015
news The problem with parental leave in the US and how other policies compare Megan Holohan, Today November 2015
news Aging commission returns paid leave research funds Jamie McGee, The Tennessean November 2015
news Pregnant and Jobless: Pregnant Women Still Choose Between Paycheck and a Healthy Pregnancy Dina Bakst, Ms. Magazine November 2015
news Bakst, '97: Advocating For Work/Family Balance Lori Atherton, Michigan Law Quadrangle November 2015
news Pregnant and Jobless: Pregnant Women Still Choose Between Paycheck and a Healthy Pregnancy Dina Bakst,  The Huffington Post October 2015
news Gov. Cuomo Signs Women's Equality Bills Into Law Feminist Newswire, Feminist Majority Blog October 2015
news How Hard Should You Push For Paternity Leave Caitlin Moscatello, GQ October 2015
news Cuomo signs Women's Equality Act bills Matthew Hamilton, TimesUnion October 2015
news Sneezy Does It Rita Pyrillis,  Workforce October 2015
news How To Negotiate Your Maternity Leave At A Small Company Jessica Grose, Elle October 2015
news Should you get paid sick days for mental health? Sophie Weiner, Hopes and Fears October 2015
news Paid family leave research gains funding Jamie McGee, The Tennessean September 2015
news Families and Flexibility: New Yorkers Need a 21st Century Workplace Scott M. Stringer, 1 Million for Work Flexibility September 2015
news White-Collar Women Don't Speak Up About Pregnancy Discrimination. Here's Why.  Tom Spiggle, The Huffington Post September 2015
news Is Marissa Mayer's short maternity leave typical? See how U.S. policies compare Megan Holohan, Today September 2015
news Attorney General gets retailers to back off last-minute worker scheduling Brian Nearing, Times Union August 2015
news New York May Soon Catch Up in Providing Paid Family Leave Andrea Sears, Public News Service August 2015
news Op-ed: Dear Wal-mart, Do the Right Thing- Give Married Workers Equal Benefits Contributors, The Advocate July 2015
news 8 things pregnant women should know about the workplace  Keira McNett, Motherly July 2015
news Pittsburgh City Council proposal would force city businesses to provide paid sick days Ashley Murray, Pittsburgh City Paper July 2015
news Why the US is behind when it comes to paid parental leave Adam May, Inside Story on Al Jazeera America June 2015
news 4 Parenting Laws That Could Change Your Life - If They Pass Maura Hohman, What To Expect June 2015
news Top 6 Things Fathers Should Know About Their Workplace Rights Dina Bakst, The Huffington Post June 2015
news Albany expands rights for breastfeeding mothers Joseph Spector, The Journal News June 2015
news Legislature passes new protections for breastfeeding Laura Nahmias, Capital New York June 2015
news Democrats Sick Leave Win Includes Vulnerable Farm and Domestic Workers Chris Gray, The Lund Report June 2015
news To get around Congress, Obama turns to city halls Gregory Korte, USA Today May 2015
news Equal Pay for Women Phoebe Taubman on BK Live May 2015
news For Women In This State, Getting Pregnant Will No Longer Mean Losing A Job Bryce Covert, Think Progress May 2015
news US Is Only Industrialized Nation Without Paid Maternity Leave Susanna Kim, ABC News May 2015
news Peggy Young's Victory Is Not Enough Dina Bakst, U.S. News & World Report March 2015
news Only three US states have paid family leave policies- will New York be next? Nadja Popovich, The Guardian March 2015
news As New York edges closer to paid family leave, a look at who would pay Marnie Eisenstadt, March 2015
news Women to Cuomo: New York is 'quite hungry for paid family leave' Matthew Hamilton, Times Union March 2015
news Fairport woman: I was fired for being pregnant Todd Clausen, Democrat & Chronicle March 2015
news Woman Becomes Homeless After Employer Allegedly Fired Her Over Her Pregnancy Bryce Covert, Think Progress March 2015
news Savers Retail Chain Accused of Pregnancy Discrimination Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check February 2015
news Lyndi Trischler: Florence cop denied light duty during pregnancy fights for law for pregnant workers Julie O'Neil, WCPO Cincinnati February 2015
news Labor Pains (Genius version) Rebecca Traister, New Republic February 2015
news Breastfeeding and the Achievement Gap Sharon Lerner, The Hechinger Report January 2015
news How paid leave policies can help break the cycle of inequality Anna Shireen Wadia, Equals Change: The Ford Foundation Blog January 2015
news The Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Because Getting Pregnant in MA Shouldn't Mean Losing Your Job MotherWoman, The Huffington Post January 2015
news 15 Feminist Books to Read In 2015 to Help You Stay Passionate All Year Krystal Skwar, Bustle January 2015
news America's Largest Employer Needs to Step It Up for Pregnant Workers Dina Bakst and Emily Martin, The Huffington Post December 2014
news 5 Key Moments for Pregnant Workers in 2014 Tom Spiggle, The Huffington Post December 2014
news Lawsuit: Walmart Continues to Discriminate Against Pregnant Workers Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check December 2014
news Fired Walmart worker says she had to choose between a paycheck and a child Lauren Gambino and Jessica Glenza, The Guardian December 2014
news Did Walmart Expose Candis Riggins, A Pregnant Employee, To Harsh Chemicals Abby Johnston, Bustle December 2014
news Wal-Mart faces new pregnancy discrimination charges Brigid Shulte, The Washington Post December 2014
news Know Your Workplace Rights If You're a Parent or Pregnant Melanie Pinola, Lifehacker December 2014
news Pregnancy Discrimination Case Reaches Supreme Court Nina Martin, ProPublica December 2014
news Women's Equality Coalition Calls for New York State Action to Protect Pregnant Workers after Young v. UPS Supreme Court Oral Arguments Long Island News & PRs, December 2014
news Do Pregnant Women Suffer Workplace Discrimination? Phoebe Taubman on To The Point with Warren Olney  December 2014
news Supreme Court Must Make Clear That Pregnancy Discrimination Is Unjust Dina Bakst & Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, The Huffington Post December 2014
news The Supreme Court, UPS And The Economics Of Pregnancy Discrimination Catherine Dunn, International Business Times December 2014
news Pregnancy Complication: Many employers do not want to accommodate their pregnant workers. Will the Supreme Court make them? Gillian Thomas, Slate December 2014
news New York View Point WABC-TV New York November 2014
news New Online Resource Breaks Down Pregnancy and Parenting Laws State-by-State Jennifer Owens, Working Mother November 2014
news Paid Sick Time Wins on Ballots Squared Away Blog, Center for Retirement Research at Boston College November 2014
news Is paid sick leave the next minimum wage? Brian Mahoney, Politico November 2014
news Walmart's Inhumane Policies for Pregnant Workers Amien Essif, In These Times November 2014
news OP-ED: Enabling Pa. workers to remain on the job State Senator Matt Smith, The York Dispatch November 2014
news Pregnant? Working? A New Resource for Knowing Your Rights KJ Dell'Antonia, The New York Times October 2014
news With Supreme Court case pending, UPS reverses policy on pregnant workers Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post October 2014
news How workplaces can make parenting easier The Melissa Harris-Perry Show October 2014
news Baby on Way, Worker Gets Her Job Back Rachel Swarns, The New York Times October 2014
news Women Are Still Losing Jobs For Getting Pregnant  Amanda Marcotte, Slate October 2014
news New report shows how the "pregnancy penalty" drives economic inequality Maya, Feministing October 2014
news Doctor Says No Overtime; Pregnant Worker's Boss Says No Job Rachel Swarns, The New York Times October 2014
news The Great Divide: What the Overworked and Underemployed Have in Common Robin Hardman, Robin Hardman Communications October 2014
news Working While Pregnant and Devon Still Elizabeth Gedmark on Marc Amazon podcast October 2014
news Opinion: Florence policy punishes pregnant workers Kristen Rowe-Finkbeiner & Dina Bakst, October 2014
news Moms group to city: Change pregnancy policy Amanda Van Benschoten, September 2014
news The feminist battle that too many women ignore Elissa Struass, The Week September 2014
news Pregnant Walmart Worker Alleges Discrimination and Unfair Firing Bryce Covert, Think Progress September 2014
news Women Slam Walmart on Pregnancy Policies Paul Ausick, 24/7 Wall St September 2014
news Walmart moms demand better pay and protections for women workers People's World September 2014
news Is Being Pregnant in the US Grounds for Getting Fired? Katey Troutman, The Wall Street Cheat Sheet September, 2014
news Lawmakers, civil rights leaders tell Supreme Court to support pregnant workers Brigid Shulte, The Washington Post September, 2014
news ACLU supporting Md. woman in Supreme Court case The Associated Press, The Washington Post September, 2014
news States move to ensure pregnant workers get fair chance to stay on job Brigid Shulte, The Washington Post September, 2014
news Quinn signs legislation to protect pregnant women in workplace Alex Swanson, The Daily Illini September, 2014
news Pregnancy and Parenting While Working Brian Lehrer, The Brian Lehrer Show September, 2014
news Working While Pregnant Caroline Modarressi-Tehrani, Huff Post Live September, 2014
news Aux Etats-Unis, 250 000 Femmes Enceintes Discriminees Chaque Annee Fannie Rascle, Novethic Sepember, 2014
news Pregnant Women Just Earned More Workplace Rights in Illinois Michelle Chen, The Nation August, 2014
news Pregnancy in the Workplace: Know Your Rights Jodi Meltzer, The Stir August, 2014
news Passaic Council introduces measure requiring all employers to provide paid sick leave Richard Cowen, The Record August, 2014
Pregnant Florence police officer given 2 options: keep patrolling or take unpaid leave Lisa Hutson, Fox 19 August, 2014
news Pregnant cop forced to continue patrol work- or take unpaid leave Eun Kyung Kim, Today August, 2014
news Field work or no pay for pregnant Kentucky police officer Lyndi Trischler CBS This Morning August, 2014
news Police work, pregnancy collide in Ky. town Amanda Van Benschoten, USA Today August, 2014
news Pregnancy, police work collide in Florence  Amanda Van Benschoten, August, 2014
news Represent NYC Episode 4: The Paid Sick Leave Act with Borough President Gale Brewer The Manhattan Neighborhood Network August, 2014
news New Statistics: Pregnancy discrimination claims hit low-wage workers hardest Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post August, 2014
news Pregnant women fight to keep jobs via 'resonable accommodations' Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post August, 2014
news Pregnant Walmart Worker Ends Up Fired After Walmart Said It Would Help Pregnant Workers Bryce Covert, Think Progress August, 2014
news Maria Shriver Interview with ABB Co-President Dina Bakst: "Managing Pregnancy and Parenting in the American Workplace" Maria Shriver, NBC News July, 2014
news Supreme Court Takes Up UPS Pregnancy Discrimination Case Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes July, 2014
news Paid Family Leave in America is a Disgrace: But that might finally change Rebecca Traister, New Republic July, 2014
news New York City extends paid sick days to more workers Sally Herships, Marketplace June, 2014
news New NYC law aims to prevent workplace discrimination during pregnancy Mario Diaz, PIX 11 News June, 2014
news New York Lawmakers Urge Passage of Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Bill Teddy Wilson, RH Reality Check June, 2014
news Women Discover and Share Support Systems at 'Let's Talk' Eileen Stukane, Chelsea Now June, 2014
news Lawmakers, advocates push for pregnancy accomodation bill Casey Seller, Capitol Confidential June, 2014
news Family advocates open Nashville wing, write to senator Tony Gonzalez, The Tennessean May, 2014
news Pregnant workers need greater legal protections Elizabeth Gedmark, The Tennessean May, 2014
news Women's Rights Groups Pressure Walmart to Improve Pregnant Worker Policies Feminist Wire, Ms. Magazine April 2014
news Pregnant Workers At Walmart Fear The Company's New Policy Won't Go Far Enough To Protect Them Bryce Covert, Think Progress April 2014
news Wal-Mart Swears Its New Pregnancy Policy Has Nothing to Do With Outside Pressure Susan Berfield, Businessweek April 2014
news Under pressure, Wal-Mart upgrades its policy for helping pregnant workers Lydia Depillis, The Washington Post April 2014
news Women's Rights in the Workplace- A Better Balance Jack Tuckner & Deborah O'Rell, Progressive Radio Network March 2014
news De Blasio set to sign paid sick time bill after public hearing Jillian Jorgensen, Staten Island Advance March 2014
news What Happens After We #BanBossy? Jessica Grose, ELLE March 2014
news A Pregnant Worker, Forced to Go on Unpaid Leave, Is Back on the Job Rachel L. Swarns, The New York Times February, 2014
This Pregnant Woman Has Her Job Back Thanks To A New Anti-Discrimination Law Bryce Covert, Think Progress February 2014
news Pennsylvania Legislator Introduces Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Tara Murtha, RH Reality Check February 2014
news Accomodating Pregnant Employees Adrienne Fox, HR Magazine February 2014
news Same-Sex Couples Often Don't Get Spousal Leave L.M. Sixel, The Houston Chronicle February 2014
news The Mommy-Track Myth Olga Khazan, The Atlantic February 2014
news NYC, Calif. Bills Show Fight to Protect Caregivers Jim Fitzgerald, The Big Story February 2014
news Placed on Unpaid Leave, a Pregnant Employee Finds Hope in a New Law Rachel Swarns, The New York Times February 2014
news New law protects pregnant workers from discrimination Erin Durkin, NY Daily News January 2014
news Read Your Rights: A trio of family-focused power attorneys discuss their new book on the intersection of the law, parenting, and the workplace Stacy Gawronski, New York family December 2013
news Progressive Caucus' Agenda Includes Expanding Living Wage And Sick Leave Laws Courtney Gross, NY 1 December 2013
news Study: LGBT Workers Caught in Gap Between Work, Family Sasha Razumikhin, South Florida Gay News December 2013
news Sick days: A luxury many hourly workers don't have Gregory Wallace, CNN Money December 2013
news Sheryl Sandebrg Gives More Bad Advice to Working Women Jessica Grose, Slate November 2013
news Sunday Dialogue- Helping Women 'Lean In' The New York Times November 2013
news NYC Delivers Shae Collins, Ms. Magazine Fall 2013
news Erica Bryant: Pregnant workers deserve a stool Erica Bryant, Democrat and Chronicle November 2013
Pregnant Women Unite! Elissa Strauss, The Jewish Daily Forward
November 2013
news Pregnancy Discrimination Angelina Murphy, FEM Magazine November 2013
news Expecting fairness in New York Dina Bakst, The Times Union November 2013
news New York City Passes Law to Protect Pregnant Workers From Discrimination Bryce Covert, Think Progress September 2013
news Sen. Gillibrand pushes to expand Family and Medical Leave Act Brian Tumulty, The Star Gazette September 2013
news The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: A Victory in New York City Working Mother September 2013
news NYC Shows the Way on Pregnant Workers' Rights Dina Bakst, The Huffington Post September 2013
news NYC Council Bans Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination Pete Brush, Law 360 September 2013
news NYC Council Passes Bill To Beef Up Protections For Pregnant Workers Erin Durkin, The Daily News September 2013
news New York City Passes Law Defending Rights of Pregnant Workers KJ Dell'Antonia, The New York Times September 2013
news Women's agenda turns to City Council Chris Bragg, Crain's New York Business September 2013
news What You May Not Expect When You're Expecting Joan Williams and Katherine Ullman, The Huffington Post August 2013
news The Facts of Life Victoria Ni, Public Justice July 2013
news Man Named Kim Adds 'Mr.' to Resume, Lands Job Susanna Kim, ABC News July 2013
news Seneca Falls: 165 Years Later and Still Struggling for Equality Dina Bakst, The Huffington Post July 2013
news Report: Pregnant women often penalized by employers Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, The Grio July 2013
news When You're the First Pregnant Woman at Your Company Jessica Grose, The New York Times
July 2013
news Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom Ashley Nelson, The Nation July 2013
news Worker Sues Employer For The Death of Her Baby Bryce Covert, Think Progress June 2013
news New Report Advocates for Working Pregnant Women and Workplace Equality Lindsey Riley, Chicago Parent June 2013
news Pregnant Workers Face Routine Discrimination, Report Says Lisa Belkin & Saki Knafo, The Huffington Post June 2013
news Pregnant Workers Often Fired or Made to Take Unpaid Leave, Report Says Shan Li, L.A. Times
June 2013
news Laws Fail to Protect Pregnant Women Who Need Special Accommodations on the Job Diana Reese, The Washington Post June 2013
news Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers Has Been Rising, Report Says Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post June 2013
news House Republicans Schedule Anti-Abortion Bill Instead of Pregnancy Fairness Bill for Vote Kay Steiger, Raw Story
June 2013
news Report: Pregnant Workers Face Routine Discrimination Stephen Smith, CBS News June 2013
news Pregnant Women Still Face Discrimination On the Job, Report Says Leslie Postal, Orlando Sentinel June 2013
news Women's Advocates Call for Fair Treatment of Pregnant Workers
Anita Brikman, WUSA-9 June 2013
news Eight Reasons That Pregnant Workers Need Protection From Discrimination On The Job Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress June 2013
news Why Working Class Women Are Better Off Injured Than Pregnant Dwyer Gunn, Gothamist June 2013
news The Women's Equality Act: A No Brainer for New York Taina Bien-Aime, Huffington Post June 2013
news Pushed Off the Job While Pregnant Jennifer Ludden, NPR June 2013
news Coalition Urges Klein to "Play Hardball" to Get Equality Act to Senate Floor Dan Mosher, Legislative Gazette June 2013
news Krueger: IDC Should Gridlock the Senate for WEA Casey Seiler, Capitol Confidential June 2013
news Pregnant and Pushed into Poverty Joanne Goldblum, Huffington Post June 2013
youtube Pregnancy Discrimination Nancy Redd, HuffPost Live May 2013
news Sick-Pay Bill is Not "Weak" Sherry Leiwant, Letter to the Editor, Crain's New York May 2013
news How States Are Leading The Way On Equal Pay For Women
Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress May 2013
news Supporting LGBT Workers and Their Families in Times of Need Jared Make, Huffington Post May 2013
news La lucha por la igualdad está aún lejos de terminar (The fight for equality is far from finished)
Sherry Leiwant & Janet Gornick, El Diario (op-ed) May 2013
news Advocates Hail Passage of Sick Pay (Video) NY1, The Road to City Hall May 2013
news City Council Approves New York City Paid Sick Leave Legislation CBS News New York May 2013
news Paid Sick Days for a Million More New Yorkers Brad Lander, Huffington Post May 2013
news New York City Council Passes Bill Forcing Employers to Provide Paid Sick Leave
Bob Adelmann, The New American May 2013
news Overtime Pay vs. Comp Time: Will House Bill Benefit Workers or Their Bosses? Ned Resnikoff, MSNBC April 2013
news Are Small Businesses Suffering From Paid Sick Leave? Gabrielle Karol, Fox News April 2013
news What It's Like To Lose Your Job While Pregnant Anna North, Buzzfeed April 2013
news Video: The Big Apple's Big Deal on Paid Sick Days MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts (Interview with Sherry Leiwant of ABB) March 2013
news Deal Reached to Force Paid Sick Leave in New York City Michael Barbaro and Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times
March 2013
news Quinn Strikes Deal on Paid Sick Leave Steve Mosco, Times Ledger March 2013
news Forty Years Behind on Sick-Leave Policy, But Catching Up Sharon Lerner, The American Prospect March 2013
news Working Families Sidelined on Sick-Leave Chris Bragg, Crain's New York Business March 2013
news Community Conversation: Women and the Workplace WSKG Public Radio (Radio Interview with Phoebe Taubman of ABB) March 2013
news Letter: Proposal Helps Pregnant Women Dina Bakst, The Times Union March 2013
youtube What Women Want: Affordable Child Care Lisa Sylvester, CNN The Situation Room March 2013
news Coalition: Women's Equality More Than Just Abortion Casey Seiler, Capitol Confidential March 2013
news Women's Equality Coalition Launched in New York State Karen Tararache, Your News Now March 2013
news Women's Equality Coalition Backing Cuomo's Gender Equality Agenda Tanique Williams, Legislative Gazette March 2013
news Sick-days Bill Infects Union Deals Daniel Geiger, Crain's New York Business March 2013
news The Paid Sick Leave Amendments, In Full Chris Bragg, Crain's Insider March 2013
news When Maternity Leave Doesn't Mean "Out of the Office" Jena McGregor, Washington Post February 2013
news Using Pregnancy Discrimination Claims to Fight Poverty Elizabeth Gedmark, Clearinghouse Review January/February 2013
news Cuomo's Sweeping Vision For New York David Howard King, Gotham Gazette January 2013
news Pregnancy Discrimination: A Real-World Challenge Bette Begleiter & JoAnne Fischer, Philadelphia Enquirer January 2013
news Why Paid Leave Could Pass in Obama's Second Term: Americans Want It Sharon Lerner, The Atlantic December 2012
news Valuing Families in the 21st Century: Solving the Work-Family Crisis Phoebe Taubman, Sh'ma November 2012
news Letter to the Editor: Pregnant Workers Dina Bakst, New York Times October 2012
news NY1: The Call, Episode 10/4/12 (TV interview with Sherry Leiwant of A Better Balance) John Schiumo, NY1 October 2012
news New Yorkers March to Support Paid Sick Leave Maggie Freleng, WeNews October 2012
news Pregnancy and Pink Slips Nancy Redd, Huffington Post Live September 2012
news The Maternity Leave Myth Nisha Gopalan, New York Post September 2012
news Vote Nay on Sick Pay, Biz Bosses Tell Quinn Sally Goldenberg, New York Post August 2012
news In Bloomberg's Healthy NYC, Still Afraid to Take (on) Sick Days
Nancy Scola, The Atlantic July 2012
news In the Spotlight: Is Pregnancy a Disability? Kim Schworm Acosta, Fit Pregnancy July 2012
news Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's Post-Baby Plans...Yeah, so? Rene Lynch, L.A. Times July 2012
news In Sickness and in Health? LGBT New Yorkers Need Family Leave Insurance Jared Make, Huffington Post June 2012
news Marzena Castillo, Mom, Claims She Was Fired From Chicago Restaurant For Having A Baby Jessica Samakow, Huffington Post June 2012
news Brewer Bill Would Protect Caregivers Hamodia Staff, Hamodia June 2012
news 3 Reasons Why Card-Carrying Capitalists Should Support Paid Family Leave Cali Williams Yost, Forbes May 2012
news The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Maria Vega, Fit Pregnancy May 2012
news Do We Really Need the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act? Cynthia Calvert, Workforce 21C May 2012
news This Mother's Day, Stand Up for Expecting Moms Dina Bakst, Huffington Post May 2012
news New Mandates for Paid Sick Leave Raise Hackles Martha C. White, MSNBC March 2012
news Protecting Pregnant Women in the Workplace SPAR with Jamila Bey, featuring Phoebe Taubman February 2012
news One Mancession Later, Are Women Really Victors in the New Economy?
Bryce Covert, The Nation February 2012
news The Dangers of Being Female Marianne Mollmann, Huffington Post February 2012
news Heavy Lifting: Pregnant Women are Forced to Carry an Extra Load in the Workforce Joan Williams, MomsRising February 2012
news Breast-feeding and Pregnant Women Make Waves--and Headlines Rene Lynch, L.A. Times February 2012
news The Wage Gap Between Moms, Other Working Women Michel Martin, NPR's "Tell Me More" February 2012
news Amy Zvovushe, Pregnant Woman, Asked to Resign Instead of Take Maternity Leave
 Jessica Samakov, The Huffington Post February 2012
news Connecticut Woman Told That Maternity Leave Viewed as Resignation
Susanna Kim, ABC News February 2012
news We're Seriously Still Debating Whether or Not It's Okay to Discriminate Against Pregnant Women? Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel January 2012
news Accommodating Pregnant Women at Work KJ Dell'Antonia, Motherlode January 2012
news When You're Fired For Being Pregnant Rachel Zimmerman, WBUR (Boston NPR) January 2012
news Pregnant, and Pushed Out of a Job Dina Bakst, New York Times Op-Ed January 2012
news Kids These Days: Work/Family Life Balance KSKA, Alaska Public Radio (Phoebe Taubman, Contributing Guest) January 2012
youtube Rally for Paid Sick Time: Brooklyn Review Brooklyn Independent Television November 2011
Beyond the Breadwinner
Róisín Ingle, The Irish Times
November 2011
Brooklyn Families Rock for Paid Sick Time
A Better Balance November 2011
Beyond the Breadwinner: Working Dads Speak Out
Triona Cahalane, Soft
Works (U.K.)
November 2011
Kensington Rally Re-ignites Debate On Paid Sick Leave
Zach Campbell,
Brooklyn Eagle
October 2011
Denver's Sick-Leave Proposal Would Reach Beyond City Limits
Ed Sealover, Denver Business Journal
September 2011
news City Moms Still Face Breastfeeding Barriers (Related Links) Kafi Drexel, NY1 September 2011
news Working Fathers Struggle to Balance It All: What That Means for Women Tina Vasquez, The Glass Hammer July 2011
news Readers Relate to Stress Felt by Working Fathers Greg Kratz, Deseret News July 2011
news Report: Work/family Issues Bring Stress for Working Dads Greg Kratz, Deseret News June 2011
news What Do Working Dads Want For Father’s Day? According to a New Report, They Want Family-Friendly Workplace Laws and Policies
Jared Make, MomsRising June 2011
news Does Dad Care About Work/Life Balance? Vivia Chen, The
June 2011
news Forgotten Underclass: Part-Time Workers (Op. Ed.) Dina Bakst and Ann
Crittenden, Christian Science Monitor
April 2011
youtube NY Parents Speak Out on the Need to Support Working Families A Better Balance March 2011
news Family-Friendly Policies Should Be Like Utilities Nancy McDermott,
Park Slope Parents
March 2011
news Have a Heart, Speaker Quinn!  Press Release, MomsRising February 2011
news Walking the Talk: Creating a Culture of Flexibility Dina Bakst,
Corporate Voices for Working Families
January 2011
news Diagnosing A Defeat: Why The Sick Leave Bill Failed
Neil deMause,
City Limits
December 2010
news Five Questions with Dina Bakst of A Better Balance
Daniel Schwartz,
Connecticut Employment Law Blog
December 2010
news Supreme Court Deadlocks on Milwaukee Sick Leave Case
Sean Ryan, The
Business Journal
October 2010
news Quinn Pressed on Sick-Pay Bill
Daniel Massey, Crain's New York October 2010
news Too Bad Mayor Bloomberg Was Never a Working Mother Amy Impellizzeri, Huffington Post October 2010
news Paid Sick Leave Study Sparks Fevered Debate
Michael Howard Saul, Wall
Street Journal
September 2010
news Dueling Numbers on Sick Leave
Gail Robinson, Gotham Gazette September 2010
news Study's Cost of Paid Sick Leave: $789M a Year
Daniel Massey, Crain's
New York
September 2010
news Why Men Matter in the Work/Life Debate
Melissa De Witte, The Glass Hammer September 2010
news NYC Paid Sick Leave Rally Draws Crowds, Opposition and Gloria Steinem
Amy Impellizzeri, MomsRising
August 2010
news Working to Improve the Workplace so Workers Can Care for Their Families Sherry Leiwant, MomsRising August 2010
news Speaker Quinn, NYC Needs Paid Sick Days Now! Ruth Martin, MomsRising August 2010
news A Paid Sick Days Wake Up Call Nancy Rankin, MomsRising August 2010
news Lawyer or Mom: Choose Only One? Amy Impellizzeri, The Glass Hammer July 2010
news Family Leave Politics Move Toward Workplace Fairness and LGBT Equality Michelle Chen, In These Times June 2010
news Women and Raises (Letter to the Editor) Dina Bakst, New York Times May 2010
news Paid Sick Leave Has Ample Support in City Council Ilya Marritz, WNYC May 2010
news Happy Mother's Day: You're Fired! Dina Bakst and Gary Phelan, NewsTimes May 2010
Work Life, Home Life: Should Government Require Paid Leave? The New School May 2010
news Paid Sick Time Act Gets Second Hearing  Helena Zhu, The Epoch Times May 2010
news Mothers Accuse Goldman Sachs, Citigroup of Discrimination Dalia Fahmy, ABC News March 2010
news Peaceful Revolution: Time to Stop Free-Riding on Families Phoebe Taubman, Huffington Post February 2010
news Pushing the Women's Movement Forward Dina Bakst, Forbes January 2010
news New York-Based A Better Balance Honored by National Employee Rights Firm Outten & Golden Press Release, PR Web January 2010


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