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Newark, NJ

Overview of Newark’s Paid Sick Time Campaign

On January 28, 2014, the Municipal Council of Newark voted unanimously to pass paid sick time legislation, becoming the second city in New Jersey—and the seventh in the country—to guarantee paid sick time. Mayor Quintana signed the bill into law soon after its passage. Newark’s paid sick time law will go into effect on May 29, 2014.

About Newark's Paid Sick Time Law

In private-sector businesses with 10 or more employees (and all child care, home health care, and food service workers, regardless of the size of their employer), workers will be entitled to accrue and use up to 40 hours of paid sick time a year. In private-sector businesses with fewer than 10 employees, workers will have a right to accrue and use up to 24 hours of paid sick time a year.

Under the law, workers can use paid sick time to recover from their own illness or to care for sick family members. The law covers a broad range of family members (children; parents; the parents of a spouse, domestic partner, or civil union partner; spouses, including same-sex spouses; civil union partners; domestic partners; grandchildren; grandparents; a grandparent’s spouse, domestic partner, or civil union partner; and siblings).

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Sherry Leiwant, A Better Balance's Co-President and Co-Founder, with Newark Council Members and the Newark Earned Sick Time Coalition following the bill's passage

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