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ABB Fights Back for Pregnant Police Officers and Wins!


Two officers in the City of Florence, Kentucky Police Department were subjected to a discriminatory policy that pushed them off the job while pregnant in 2014.

Officer Lyndi Trischler was pushed out of her job patrolling the streets at 5 months pregnant because of a city-wide policy that granted light for on-the-job injuries but not  for pregnant workers. Officer Trischler and her family struggled financially during an already complicated pregnancy. 

Officer Sam Riley was similarly denied an accomodation and was forced to work the streets while enduring great pain caused by the weight of a heavy gun belt and other equipment.

We called on the City of Florence to end their discriminatory policies in 2014.




In 2014, A Better Balance has filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the City of Florence, on behalf of Officer Trischler. Officer Trischler was originally told that she would not even be able to keep her health benefits once she went on unpaid leave, but after A Better Balance became involved on her behalf, the City then allowed her to keep her health insurance throughout her pregnancy and recovery from childbirth. That was only the first victory of this story, and we kept fighting for much more. In 2015, we became Officer Riley's attorney as well.

On October 26, 2016 a lankmark agreement was announced by the United States Department of Justice and the City of Florence. More than two years after we began our fight. The City of Florence will change its policies to ensure that what happened to Officer's Trischler and Riley won't happen again. The City will also have to restore paid leave to the officers and compensate them for their losses, paying out $135,000 in damages and attorneys fees.

Watch This important story featured on the national news program, CBS This Morning as well as several local news stations.







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