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Emeryville, California

Overview of Emeryville’s Paid Sick Time Law

On June 2, 2015, the City Council of Emeryville, California passed a paid sick time law along with a minimum wage increase. Emeryville joins San Francisco and Oakland in having a paid sick time law that is more generous than California’s statewide paid sick time law (which explicitly allows cities to go beyond the state requirements).

Under Emeryville’s paid sick time law, workers in businesses with more than 55 workers are entitled to use up to 72 hours of earned paid sick time a year. Workers in businesses with 55 or fewer workers will have the right to use up to 48 hours of earned paid sick time a year.

Under the law, workers can use paid sick time to recover from their own illness or to care for sick family members. The law covers a broad range of family members: children; spouses; registered domestic partners; parents; grandchildren; grandparents; siblings; and, if the worker does not have a spouse or domestic partner, a designated person of the worker’s choice. Emeryville’s paid sick time law can also be used to care for a guide, signal, or service dog of the worker or worker’s family member/designated partner.

Emeryville’s paid sick time law takes effect on July 2, 2015.

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