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New York City's Paid Sick Time Law


As of April 1, 2014, workers in New York City now have a legal right to sick time!

The New York City Earned Sick Time Act allows covered workers to take up to 40 hours of sick time in a year, either for themselves or to care for certain family members. Workers cannot be fired or punished for taking this time. In businesses with 5 or more workers, sick time must be paid. Workers are entitled to start earning sick time on April 1, 2014, although the earliest they will be able to use their sick time under this law is July 30, 2014.

 A Better Balance has been at the forefront of the paid sick time campaign in New York City, and we will continue to prioritize this important issue now that sick time is the law.  To create a healthier and stronger workforce and city, we know that everyone needs resources and information about their legal rights and obligations.  We are here to help you understand the Earned Sick Time Act and what it means for you:

 Click here if you are a worker employed in New York City.

 Click here if you are an employer with employees in New York City.

  Click here to learn about how A Better Balance helped to shape and pass the law and what we are doing now to make these new rights a reality.

 Click here if you would like more information on other sick time campaigns around the country.


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