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New York City Earned Sick Time Advisor

A Better Balance is excited to release a brand new web-based tool to help New Yorkers understand their legal right to sick time: The New York City Earned Sick Time Advisor!



If you work in NYC, you may have a lot of questions about the NYC Earned Sick Time Act: Am I one of the 3.4 million workers in NYC with a legal right to sick time for personal or family health needs? How much time have I earned so far? Am I entitled to paid or unpaid time off?

You can find out with the New York City Earned Sick Time Advisor

Through a series of questions, the Advisor will allow you to determine for yourself whether you qualify and calculate the amount of sick time you have earned under the law!

As always, if you have questions, face problems at work around sick time, or need immediate assistance with your sick time rights, call our free and confidential legal hotline at 212-430-5982.



We would like to thank Georgetown University Law Center and Neota Logic Inc. for their invaluable assistance with development of the Earned Sick Time Advisor.

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