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Advancing the rights of working families.

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Fellowships Sponsorship Posting for 2017-2018 Fellows

A Better Balance is a legal advocacy organization that has been a leader in the movement to reshape laws and policies to fit the needs of today’s workforce.  ABB’s mission is to promote equality and expand choices for men and women at all income levels so they may care for their families without sacrificing their economic security. We are national leaders on a range of issues, including caregiver/pregnancy antidiscrimination, paid sick time and paid family leave laws, support for breastfeeding workers, LGBTQ work-family issues, workplace flexibility, and the problem of lack of control over worker schedules. ABB works on these issues at both the national and local level and employs a wide range of strategies – legislative advocacy, technical support to campaigns around the country, litigation, grassroots organizing, research, and public education. Here in New York City where we are headquartered, we were leaders in two recent successful campaigns: the fight to guarantee earned sick time to millions of workers in New York City and passage of the New York City Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which ensures that pregnant women are not pushed out of their jobs when they need a modest accommodation to stay healthy.  Following those campaigns, we are working on effective implementation of those laws, creating materials, doing outreach and representing workers in our legal clinic who are being denied rights we helped secure.

ABB is based in New York City and maintains a Southern office in Nashville, TN. The Southern Office focuses on the issues affecting working families in the Southeast US, where poverty rates for women and families are among the highest in the country and where legal protections are often scarce.

The ABB Southern Office is recruiting rising third-year law students, judicial clerks, and recent law school graduates interested in applying for an externally funded public interest fellowship starting in September 2017. The Southern Office fellow would be based in Nashville, TN.

Potential projects in the Southern Office could focus on: public education and enforcement of existing legal protections for working families in the Southeast, expanding laws and policies to be more family-friendly, and focusing on particular industries or populations with uniquely Southern issues affecting working families.


  • Law degree required.
  • Demonstrated commitment to work/family law and policy, women’s rights, civil rights, or advocacy for low-income populations.
  • Excellent written and oral communication, advocacy, and analytic skills. 
  • Experience writing for legal and non-legal audiences a plus. 
  • Self-motivated with demonstrated problem solving, prioritizing, time management, team-building and organizational skills. 
  • Spanish fluency is a plus.

How to Apply

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 
 For the Southern Office, based in Nashville, TN, please e-mail a resume, brief cover letter, a short writing sample, and two references to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ABB is an equal opportunity employer.






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