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Advancing the rights of working families.

Who We Are


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote equality and expand choices for men and women at all income levels so they may care for their families without sacrificing their economic security. We employ a range of legal strategies to promote flexible workplace policies, end discrimination against caregivers and value the work of caring for families.

Who We Are

At some point in our lives, we are all likely to be primary caregivers to a child, spouse, parent or other family member, or to need care ourselves. Caregiving is an issue that affects everyone.

A Better Balance is a legal team fighting to give American workers the time and flexibility they need to care for their families. We help to balance the demands of employment and home, ensuring that families are prioritized--not punished--in the workplace.

We lead the charge for policies that help families, such as sick leave, flex time, pay equity, antidiscrimination, and other issues that value family care. Although our work benefits families of all income levels, it is low-income families that benefit most. Our efforts help people who work outside and inside the home achieve a better balance between providing for their families and caring for them.

A History of a Better Balance

The founders of A Better Balance are a group of lawyers who have successfully worked together on a variety of women’s rights and economic issues and now seek to forge a comprehensive multi-strategic approach to addressing the work-family dilemma. We are particularly well qualified to take on the task of transforming the American workplace and raising awareness of the importance of caregiving in public policy decisions. We have extensive experience building coalitions, advocating for change, litigating impact cases, developing new legislation and educating employers, labor unions and the public on economic justice issues important to women.

Goal of A Better Balance

American workplace and public policies have failed to keep up with the changing workforce and the changing needs of families. Low-income workers are particularly hampered in their efforts to provide care to children and other family members while earning enough to get by. Many workers are left with the impossible choice of sacrificing their economic security or sacrificing critical time needed to care for family members.

Our goal is to make our society more hospitable to families by promoting and supporting policies that would allow parents to remain in the workforce without compromising the well-being of their families. We seek to reduce the stress of conflicting work-family demands and responsibilities and end discrimination against workers who care for their children or other family members. In addition, we will promote greater equality by reducing the wage gap between men and women with family responsibilities and encouraging men to take on a greater share of care work. Likewise, we will ensure that the work of providing care in the home, whether by family members or by professionals, is valued.

The Need for A Better Balance

Much has been written about the barriers faced by those who struggle to balance the demands of work and family without sacrificing their economic stability. Yet no legal advocacy organization focuses exclusively on the problem, and there is much work to be done, especially here in New York. In contrast to many child care and women’s groups, we have a feminist approach that acknowledges and appreciates the need to expand choices for both women and men, including the choice to reduce or temporarily stop work to care for young children or other family members without disproportionate economic penalty.

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