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Advancing the rights of working families.
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Victory in the struggle against pregnancy discrimination!  Our clients were featured in The New York Times! An agreement in a landmark pregnancy discrimination case means that the City of Florence, Kentucky will overhaul their policies to ensure no pregnant worker, like our police officer clients, can be pushed off the job when they need a modest accommodation at work for their health.
VICTORY! New York has passed the strongest paid family leave law in the country. Thanks to all of our supporters who helped to make this achievement possible. Find our more about this landmark new program and how it will work here.
We're working to ensure that no pregnant worker in America has to choose between her job and a healthy pregnancy.  A Better Balance client Candis Riggins, and community advocate Armanda Legros, along with Co-President Dina Bakst, were featured on CNN as a part of Lisa Ling's "This Is Birth" series. Candis and her family, including her newborn baby, wound up homeless as a result of her employer, Walmart’s, actions and discriminatory policies. Armanda wound up on public assistance, seven months pregnant, when she was forced off the job due to a modest lifting restriction.  
We're fighting for paid sick time! A Better Balance is working around the country to ensure that all workers have a right to paid sick time for personal or family health needs, and the number of victories is growing! In the last two years alone, 3 states, 17 cities, and 1 country have passed paid sick time laws. Click here to learn more about this work.
Get Help with Our Free Legal Clinic! We fought to pass the New York City Earned Sick Time Act and Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and now we’re working to enforce these and other laws protecting working families. If you’re having problems at work related to sick time, pregnancy, or family caregiving responsibilities, call our free and confidential legal hotline at 212-430-5982.                   Find out whether you qualify and calculate how much time you’ve earned with our new Earned Sick Time Advisor
We’re 10! Help us Celebrate. Join us as we mark a decade of fighting for fairness for working families. Thanks to our work, New York now has the strongest paid family leave in the country. We've made paid sick days a reality for millions of workers & created legal rights for pregnant women and new mothers in New York City and across the nation who needed minor adjustments at work to stay healthy and on the job. But there is so much more to be done!   DONATE NOW to A Better Balance.

Our Impact


ABB Plays Key Role in Family-Friendly Legislation Across the Country. ABB is supporting legislators across the nation-from Oregon to Florida, from Wisconsin to Rhode Island- researching, drafting and testifying on behalf of bills to help workers care for their families without risking their paychecks. Our efforts have affected millions of people, guaranteeing paid sick leave, pregnancy accommodations and paid family leave, so they no longer have to make impossible choices between their jobs and their families. "I championed the passage of Temporary Caregiver Insurance. .  .[and] A Better Balance helped me everystep of the way by providing in-depth policy assistance, commenting on drafts of legislation, and helping craft comments on our regulations when the law passed. . . Sherry's enthusiam for my work and encouragement to keep going, helped turn my vision into the law. Congratulations ABB!" -Gayle Goldin, Rhode Island State Senator "Dina, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the invaluable support and knowledge you provided to me and our legislators regarding the bill to prevent discrimination of pregnant women in New Jersey. Your testimony and input were very valuable to our process." -Marcela Ospina Maziarz, New Jersey Senate Democratic Office                     View our legislative efforts across the country here.

Officer_trischlerABB Helping Pregnant Women Stay Employed.  In New York City, ABB has been using the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to help women like Angelica Valencia, who was pushed off the job when pregnant because she needed to avoid overtime.  Her story, like the one of our client Floralba Fernandez Espinal earlier in 2014, was featured in the New York Times.  ABB’s impact extends beyond New York City as well: our Southern Office is championing the cause of Officer Lyndi Trischler, (pictured above) who was pushed out of her job as a Florence, KY police officer when she was five months pregnant due to a city-wide policy that denies modified duty to any employee, unless he/she has a work-related condition.  And we’ve helped thousands of Walmart workers nationwide by pressuring the company to amend their accommodations policy.

PSD_posterABB Enforcing Landmark NYC Paid Sick Time Law. On April 1, 2014, the New York City Earned Sick Time Act went into effect, after years drafting, negotiating and organizing by ABB, and on July 30, 2014, employees around the city were able to start using their accrued sick time. We’re proud to be making New York City stronger and healthier with this new law, which establishes a legal right for more than 3.4 million workers in NYC. ABB continues to educate workers and employers in New York City about their rights and obligations under the law while fielding hundreds of calls on our free hotline from those with questions about the law or problems related to the need for sick time.  We have also provided free representation to a number of individuals who have already been denied their sick time rights.  One man, whom we helped to advocate for himself, said: "You helped me a lot, helped me be well aware of the law, helped me know I am entitled to certain days. The company can't get away with it [denying me time off] and you . . .help me see that I get what is coming to me."  

Babygate_iconsABB is Empowering individuals with Accessible Know-Your-Rights Information. Babygate: Surviving Pregnancy and Parenting in the Workplace—the must-have guide for expecting and new parents about their workplace rights—has gone mobile. Babygate the website, now offers reliable, clear, and up to date information on federal and state laws addressing everything from job accommodations during pregnancy, caregiver discrimination, family leave, and breastfeeding protections.  The website——includes links to relevant laws and regulations, to jump-start further research, and a step-by-step guide for pregnant women about “Talking to Your Boss About Your Bump.” Women and men across the country now have a user-friendly resource at their fingertips to help them navigate the workplace during pregnancy and early parenthood and empower them to be their own best advocate.

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